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The story

The joy of sport is subject to a safe environment combined with well-designed, sturdy equipment.

Unisport Scandinavia acquired Virklund Sport in 2018, and is today the market-leading supplier of indoor and outdoor sports facilities in Scandinavia. We have more than 20 sites, a turnover of over DKK 1 billion, and more than 9,000 completed projects. In Denmark, we are 40 employees situated in Silkeborg and in Værløse. At Unisport, we are proud to create high-quality sports facilities that contribute positively to society, the environment and human health and activity. Unisport's purpose "we make people move", and our vision "a healthier society" is the driving force in our approach to the market, where we together with the customers, create innovative sustainable solutions that helps to get more people in motion and create a healthier society.


Now a part of Unisport Scandinavia ApS

Nordic sports facility one-stop-shop service partner Unisport strengthens its position and acquires substantial part of business and assets from Virklund Sport`s bankruptcy estate. Unisport is the market leader in sports facilities surfaces and equipment in the Nordic countries. Virklund Sport is a strong player in Danish market and has more 60 years of experience. With this acquisition and combined product portfolio Unisport will strengthen its position not only in Denmark but also in the whole Nordic market.


Multifunctional sportsfacilities

Virklund Sport A/S creates the innovative and multi-functional sports areas of the future, and offers a wide range of sports equipment and sports flooring for both schools and sports halls. With more than 60 years of experience, we are a valuable sparring partner.


Acquisition of Abekatten Climbing Walls

Virklund Sport buys Abekatten Climbing Walls in March 2015. Virklund Sport and Abekatten Climbing Walls both has a strong belief that the new constellation will strengthen the position in the market.


Sportsbyg A/S becomes a subsidiary

Sportsbyg became a part of Virklund Sport in 2009. Sportsbyg A/S has since 1976 created sports surfaces - indoor and outdoor.


Merger between Sportson and Virklund Sport A/S

Two companies were joined under one name when Sportson bought Virklund Sport A/S with Peter Stampe and Torben G. Pedersen as directors.


Virklund Gymnastik- & Skolemontering changes its name

Virklund Gymnastik- og Skolemontering changes its name to Virklund Sport A/S as part of a change in management that saw the retirement of the last of the 1950’s founders.


New production facilities

Virklund Gymnastik- & Skolemontering gets its own forge.


Speedy growth in the 70's

In the 1970s, the busiest periods saw two sports halls being designed a week, and during one time 70 sports halls were supplied and fitted per year. The orange cars became a common feature of the Danish landscape.


New Factory

The factory at Tindbjergvej/Korshøjvej is built. By now the annual turnover had grown by 15 since the company’s foundation and was nearing DKK 5 million.


The first few years

During the first few years, it was about gymnastics and those good old well-known apparatus: The horse, vault, hoops, beams, ropes and stools.


Virklund Gymnastik- & Skolemontering is founded

Virklund Gymnastik- & Skolemontering is founded by Børge Madsen, Johannes Hedegaard, Aage Kristensen and Kristian Knudstrup.