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Individually customised solutions
We find to an ever-increasing degree that our customers require customised solutions. Sport is moving out of sports halls and gyms and needs to be accessible everywhere: in corridors, common rooms, on stairwells and outdoors – on roofs, in car parks and on the beach. We take pride both in supporting and contributing to these requirements and developments. Our aim is to inspire our customers and partners to create sports projects that encourage movement and a sense of community. We want to challenge our customers’ unspoken requirements and identify the best possible solution. We focus on creating unique solutions that encourage people to take up sport and enable users to be inspired to sport and movement irrespective of whether the sport has a formal framework or not. Special customer requirements are not a problem, but a source of inspiration. Unisport possesses in-depth understanding of movement and sport as well as technical expertise in the design of sports facilities. We have achieved this expertise over 60 years of working in the world of Danish sports. We advise our customers on the basis of our wide-ranging and solid experience. What distinguishes us from other suppliers is the great commitment of our employees and their pride in the sports solutions we offer. We are structured as a project-based organisation that is able to work both as a turnkey supplier and as a subcontractor. We now focus even more on optimising our internal processes to ensure that, irrespective of the requirements our customers and partners may have, we will always be able to help them identify the right solutions.


Unisport offers expert advice - from design, interior design, construction, project management, assembly to service and maintenance