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Service and assembly

Service, installation and maintenance
Does your gymnastics or sports hall get its annual mandatory inspection? Take out a service contract with Unisport to safeguard your hall. Every year our service engineers visit more than 2,700 gymnastics and sports halls, to ensure that all the equipment works safely. When apparatus is used intensively, also for activities outside its intended purpose, it can lead to wear and tear and breaches in safety. An annual service helps ensure that the most important parts of the apparatus work correctly. Any sign of wear and tear is reported to the school or sports hall, which must then decide whether to improve the equipment. Our service engineers know the apparatus through their extensive experience of thousands of assembly jobs and annual service checks. We perform annual service and safety inspections according to the Danish Working Environment Authority's Executive Order no. 1109 and AT instruction no. concerning erection, inspection and maintenance of lifting devices, winches and mechanical parts. Our service engineers know the apparatus through their extensive experience of thousands of assembly jobs and annual service checks. We can also safeguard your hall with a service contract.
Maintenance of climbing walls
A service inspection provides reassurance that a climbing facility is up-to-date and safe, to prevent the occurrence of unforeseen events. A fixed service agreement means that Unisport will ensure your climbing wall is checked in detail every year, followed by a service report. This provides you with a status check of your facility each year, along with the assurance that it is safe to use. A service inspection tests the wall's safety features, and includes a detailed check of the entire wall to be able to provide the best advice on future maintenance and use.

A service inspection of a climbing wall includes:

  • Traction test of top anchors, base anchors and certain anchoring points.
  • Inspection of the wall's construction and surface, including handholds and joints.
  • Tightening of primary anchor points and top anchors.
  • Advice on use and maintenance with regard to extending the wall's service life.
  • Written inspection report.

All testing is performed according to Danish Standards EN 12572-1 and EN 12572-2.

Maintenance of artificial turf pitches
Annual high-pressure cleaning of artificial turf pitches extends their service life by several years. Be aware that water-permeable pitches have to be cleaned regularly. After 1-2 years without cleaning, these pitches can no longer be saved. Unisport has the professional machinery and staff required for cleaning and maintaining synthetic material pitches. By taking out a service contract you give the pitch’s users a safe environment to play on, and the pitch gets a longer service life - that makes sense.

Maintenance of artificial turf pitches
Artificial turf pitches require maintenance using special machines and professionally trained specialists. Unisport also provides professional machinery and staff for cleaning and maintaining artificial turf pitches, as well as emergency cleaning/repairs following damage caused by e.g. vandalism or glass on the pitch. Take out a maintenance contract when the artificial turf is laid and enjoy peace of mind that the pitch is getting the right treatment – every year. The result is satisfied users and durability.


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