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Environmental Policy

Unisport prioritize sustainability through high quality and a long product shelf-life.  We believe that a long product shelf-life has a significant positive impact on the overall environment, which is why it is a key area for us. We constantly strives to substitute harmful chemicals and works purposefully on reducing our CO2 emissions. With an environmentally-focused company culture and targeted training, we ensure that our employees think and act in a way that supports our environment policy and approach to sustainability by manufacturing products that have a long shelf-life. We are conscious of our suppliers' environmental conditions and ensure that our key suppliers as a  comply with the relevant environment legislation at the very least. Unisport naturally complies with the relevant applicable legislation and other relevant requirements. While respecting technical and financial opportunities, Unisport remains committed to protecting the outdoor environment by preventing pollution and by continuing to reduce the company's impact on the environment as much as possible.

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Motor function installation, Frederiksbjerg school

Physical activity increases learning - because of this the Danish school reform includes that all student must be active 45 minutes a day. The emphasis on physical activity during the school day, shall improve the students ability to learn and their well-being. Frederiksbjerg school in Aarhus is the school of the future, and accommodate 920 students.