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Get the right advice during the design process
Sport today involves far more than just traditional disciplines. Athletes require sports facilities that are efficient and challenging at all levels. Facilities need to be multifunctional and designed to support individual and team needs, social and sports-related activity, and contribute to the development of the motor skills of each individual athlete. When elite athletes need to develop their skills, we base our projects on a requirements and capacity analysis. We apply the same principles when we are in discussion with our customers. We know that it is important, first and foremost, to clarify what the facilities are to be used for and who will be using them before we start to identify the most suitable products for the project. We believe that this is a fundamental approach to achieving success and high levels of satisfaction with the finished sports solution. The most important factor in the design process is to identify and design sports spaces according to what they have to be able to provide. The right advice during the design process ensures that our customers achieve an exciting solution that can be utilised to the maximum. Our product designers have extensive and broad experience within the world of sport for designing sports facilities. We dare to convert new ideas to reality. As a leading company in the world of sports, Unisport places great emphasis on committed and motivated employees, who are the basis of all the company does. With an innovative and motivating atmosphere in the workplace, we thrive in an open and communicative environment. We promote new ideas and our chains of command are kept short. This is our guarantee for a successful design and planning process! We take part in the development of European standards at Danish Standards. We gain awareness of future market requirements – and help influence what we believe is important to our customers.


Unisport offers expert advice - from design, interior design, construction, project management, assembly to service and maintenance