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Telescopic grandstands

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We have great experience with for example telescopic seating in several variants. We deliver static telescopic grandstands as well as flexible solutions, which can be moved around and placed in the middle of the hall floor and contain the preferred number of rows. Telescopic stands are constructed for a specific need and purpose. Details as seats and driving- and controlling system can therefore be designed after the customers wishes and needs. We design, deliver and assemble the telescopic tribunes for many different purposes. We are also specialists in adapting grandstand seats for many different needs in sport halls. We therefore have a wide selection of seats and assembling models, which - no matter the project - can be individually made for the specific lower construction. Let our consultants show you the possibilities for your project.

What types of telescopic grandstands can we offer you outdoor?

  • Stationary telescopic grandstands - outdoor model - adapted to individual sports areas.


What are the benefits of our stationary telescopic grandstands?

  • We only offer high quality telescopic stands with a long service life and efficient handling process.
  • We subsequently offer an annual service check on the stand, so we ensure that the stand is functioning safely.
  • We can tailor the telescopic stand to your needs - regardless of size.
  • Our experienced project managers and installers guarantee you an optimal assembly process.

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