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Unisport Scandinavia also has extensive experience in establishing outdoor sports facilities, where we work as a total supplier, as we often supply sports equipment and sports flooring to a project. We often participate in close cooperation with the main contractor or the architect, and contribute with our many years of experience in relation to the establishment of sports facilities - both focusing on quality but also focusing on durability in relation to Danish weather. In addition to offering different types of sports courses, such as multibanes, basketball and tennis courts, pannabans and flexball courts, we can of course also offer a wide range of outdoor sports surfaces.

Dansk Supermarked has established a large sports facility for their employees. In order to strengthen employees' job satisfaction and focus on health, the retail giant, in collaboration with Unisport Scandinavia and Hovedgård Entreprenørforretning, has built one of the country's largest company-owned sports facilities. The facilities are a gift from the Salling Funds. A beach volleyball court, two tennis courts and two multi-lanes allow the employees to cultivate several forms of sports - just outside the office. The nearly 500 employees who work in Danish Supermarket's enormous warehouse and office building in Aarhus since 2010 can now bring tennis racquets and soccer boots to work.

A group of employees has created a closed Facebook group, where you can easily find teammates and opponents for the various sports. In a few days the group had 348 members. The sports facility helps our employees train, play sports and live healthy while strengthening social cohesion in the workplace, explains Sussi Staugaard, Project Manager at Dansk Supermarked. Virklund Sport also experience increasing interest from private companies, even though core customers are still sports halls, schools and sports associations. Five years ago, there were absolutely no private companies investing in such facilities on their own grounds. But in recent years, Virklund Sport has built a number of sports facilities for companies around the country.

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