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Multipurpose pitches - customized

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We delivers customized multipurpose pitches according to your wishes and needs with thoughts on both the area and the future athletes of this particular course. There is a wealth of opportunities to customize a specific multipurpose pitch according to the specified needs. Should the shape of the course be changed? Should the bands have a different shape? Should there be the opportunity for some special sports just on this course or taking into account the physical ability of the users? Our multipurpose pitches are made of solid, strong materials that can hold wind and weather as well as the various sports activities that the pitch will be used for. It can be customized in all imaginable and unthinkable ways, and we has experts ready to help shape the path so it's all optimized. Our consultants are ready to hear your thoughts, ideas and suggestions. Regardless of what special solutions require, emphasis will be placed on both multifunctionality, safety and sporting activities. Together with you, we ensure that the optimal solution is established for the benefit of all parties. Unisport Scandinavias multipurpose pitches are furthermore developed according to meet the requirements of the DS / EN 15312 standard for freely accessible multisport equipment.

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