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Multipurpose pitches - larch

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With a solid band plate system, strong goals and easy maintenance coating the activities and sports are secured many years in the future. The multipurpose pitches are delivered with a tested band plate system, which is based on solid and maintenance free band plates, which can resistance wind and weather. The pitches are delivered in three standard sizes: 13x21 meters, 16x32 meters and 20x40 meters. They can also be delivered in individual dimensions, which makes you benefit from the space in the area, and we as well offer a wide selection extra goals, basket plates, coats, net walls and so on. For school yards, sport facilities and in the society a multipurpose pitch creates great opportunities for lots of activity and happiness in the play. Most multipurpose pitches are made with artificial turf(grass), but the possibility of rubber tiles or tracks are also present. All pitches are delivered in complete sets of band plates, goals and coating. In addition can be chosen net walls, center line, etc. Our multipurpose pitches are high quality and thereby also designed very responsible regarding safety and health issues as well as having in mind to give most possible people the opportunity of performing sports. The design on our multipurpose pitches is simple and matches the nature and surroundings great. Especially the the high secure many years of optimized used for you local area. Unisport Scandinavias multipurpose pitches are developed under the demands of the DSN 15312 standard for freely accessible multipurpose equipment and fulfill these standards.

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