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Synthetic surface, rooftops

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In recent years, in collaboration with creative designers and foresighted builders, we have built a number of sports and living areas on rooftops on large and small buildings in schools and sports halls around Denmark. We would like to advise throughout the whole process - from the idea takes shape to the completion of the project, to ensure an optimum solution to the maintenance and use of synthetic surface. We have created lightweight and drainage structures for use on flat roofs, ensuring optimal utilization of the existing area.

Sports surfaces on rooftops require special skills. Many factors must be taken into account:

  • How much weight can the rooftop carry?
  • How is the drainage system designed to prevent water damage in the building?
  • How to ensure a smooth and stable coating?
  • How does the synthetic surface complie with the authorities' fire requirements?
  • How are fences and nettag designed?
  • And last but not least - how are users' requirements respected?


What types of rooftop surfaces can we offer you?

  • PU-bonded synthetic surfaces of solid-colored EPDM rubber granulates.
  • What are the benefits of our rooftop surfaces?
  • We possess a unique competence and experience. We have among other things developed our own lightweight and draining structures especially for use on roofs.
  • Our rooftop surface system has been tested and approved by the Institute of Fire Technology, category Broof (t2)
  • If the choice is on an artificial coating, the range of colors and color combinations is large.

Therefore, always obtain competent advice from Unisport Scandinavia when constructing a synthetic surface on the roof of a building.

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