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Synthetic surface, multipurpose pitches

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For multipurpose pitches we offer different types of synthetic surfaces. Both dense and water-permeable systems, all of which work well in connection with the daily and frequent use of a multipurpose pitch. We have 30 years of experience with synthetic surfaces, and act as a supplier and sparring partner throughout the project, ensuring you an optimal solution. Synthetic surfaces for multipurpose pitches is is identical with the surface used in athletics installations. Also in this area, Unisport Scandinavia has more than 30 years experience. If you need advice on the advantages and disadvantages of the various systems, please contact us. Basically, synthetic surfaces are made for multipurpose pitches according to 2 different principles. Either they are water permeable, or they are dense.

As with athletics courses, the water-permeable systems are used the most often. And with good reason.


There are many advantages of choosing a water-permeable surface for a multipurpose pitch.

  • It dries quickly and uniformly after rain
  • large selection of colors for the surface
  • It is the most cost-effective plastic coating


We use a dense synthetic surface especially when renovating lanes with ordinary asphalt. In these situations, an open synthetic surface will work poorly in relation to dewatering. A dense surface can thus have its advantages.

  • Applicable on dense asphalt coating
  • High abrasion resistance

As a basis for both types of system, there must be a bonded coating. For the open water permeable systems, they must be either drainage-free, or a PU-bonded stone coating, a so-called ET coating. Unisport Scandinavia largely uses the latter system. For a dense surface, the substrate can be a closed asphalt.

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