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SkanFall synthetic surface contributes to the greatest possible safety at the playground. It is a shock absorbing surface, in cast-molded rubber, with very high durability and longevity. Our synthetic surface meets the standards defined by the Danish Technological Institute and contributes to the greatest possible safety in the playground. SkanFall is today Denmark's absolute leading non-slip rubber undercoat and is used in many municipalities throughout the country. Since we as the first introduced synthetic surfaces in Denmark in 2001, we have continuously developed and refined our systems. No one in Denmark has more experience with and expertise in making synthetic surfaces than Unisport Scandinavia. We have full knowledge of the material's possibilities and limitations. This provides the most beautiful and durable results.

A synthetic surface must be both soft and compliant, while at the same time having the abrasion resistance for many years of extensive use. A precipitate is therefore built up of a compliant lower layer of SBR rubber and a top / wear layer of EPDM rubber granules. The SBR material for our lower layer is a special mix of granules (1 - 8 mm) and longer elongated rubber fibers. This unique blend, together with a high quality PU binder, ensures high shock absorbing ability can be combined with great strength. The top layer of full-color EPDM rubber granulates from leading factories in Germany and Switzerland, cast, gloss and compact, so both appearance and durability are top of the line. Our systems have been tested by the Danish Technological Institute.

What types of synthetic surfaces can we offer you?

  • SkanFall synthetic surface for playgrounds and school grounds, as well as smaller areas such as bicycle lanes or sports grounds.
  • Special solutions with synthetic surface on existing asphalt surface.


What are the benefits of our synthetic surface?

  • SkanFall has been tested and approved according to EN 1177.
  • Can be done with patterns and figures in 22 different colors, thus appealing to imagination and creativity.
  • Can be poured on slopes and groves, and is more hygienic than sand.
  • No joints that collect dust and dirt - and no collections that change over time with each other and form "stumbling blocks". The coating is molded close to posts and outer boundaries.
  • Cleaning is done easily by flushing with water without surface damage or becoming more susceptible to dirt.

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