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Synthetic surfaces for athletics facilities have not changed significantly over the past 30-35 years. At Unisport Scandinavia we know, if any, about the possibilities and limitations of the different systems.

Basically, synthetic surfaces are made for athletics tracks according to 2 different principles. Either they are water permeable, or they are dense.

Water-permeable systems are by far the most widely used in Danish athletics courses. There are so-called structured systems with a base layer of 11 mm PU-bonded SBR rubber granulates and a top layer of colored, PU-bonded EPDM rubber granulates as top layer. The top layer is sprayed on by special machinery and by specially trained personnel. The system's primary advantage lies in the water permeability, which ensures that the coating dries very quickly after a rain shower. At the same time there will be no water puddles on the coating, although it may get a bit uneven over the years.

Dense systems are especially applicable to facilities with a high level of activities, as they have a better abrasion resistance than a structured spray coating. Although they are somewhat more expensive in procurement, their longer life will more than offset the price difference. The disadvantage is that they may be long to dry up after rain, as well as the risk of water puddles.

As a basis for both types of system, there must be a bonded coating. It will most often be drainage, but can also be a PU-bonded stone coating, a so-called ET coating.

What types of synthetic surfaces for athletics courses can we offer you?

  • Skansport Atletic 13 mm, a water permeable coating, approved by both DAF and IAAF.
  • Skansport sandwich 12-16 mm, a dense synthetic coating for athletics, ball games and play.
  • Synthetic surfaces of solid-colored EPDM rubber granulates for multipurpose pitches and school areas.
  • Renovation of all types of synthetic surfaces, from the largest athletics stadium to smaller school facilities.


What are the benefits of our synthetic surfaces to athletics?

  • We have a large experience when it comes to choosing the right type of synthetic surfaces in each case.
  • We use exclusively high quality rubber granulates from leading Western European manufacturers, ensuring consistent quality and high color density.

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