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We offers maintenance of all sizes of artificial turf, from small multipurpose pitches to 3rd generation artificial turf fields. For multipurpose pitches we offer different types of artificial turf from Juta Grass. Whether it's split grass or monofil artificial turf, we ensure the highest quality at a price that matches the quality.

We deliver our FIFA-approved football pitches based on 2 basic building principles:

A. Systems with an underlying, resilient PAD.
B. Systems without PAD.

Ad A) We have tested systems partly with an in-situ molded PAD and partly with a prefabricated PAD. These systems will typically be with artificial grasses with a relatively low height of 40 or 45 mm. The in-situ molded PAD has a thickness of either 20 or 25 mm and consists of PU-bonded SBR rubber granulates. We always use SBR rubber (extracted from used tires) of Western European origin. As a prefabricated PAD we usually use ProPlay mats that, in addition to good drainage and resilient properties, have outstanding durability. When the rainwater has to be disposed of, we use a special mat from ProPlay with built-in drain ducts. Infill - in addition to quartz sand at the bottom - can be SBR rubber, EPDM rubber or TPO.

ad B) For systems without PAD, the artificial turf must have a length of 55 - 60 mm. It provides space for a thicker layer of infill necessary to meet the FIFA requirements. For economic reasons, infill will most often be from recycled SBR rubber.

What kinds of artificial grass for multipurpose pitches or football courses can we offer you

  • Artificial grass FIFA Quality.
  • Artificial grass FIFA Quality Pro.


What are the benefits of our artificial turf?

  • We have great experience with artificial turf in relation to the Nordic weather conditions.
  • We have our own crew for all small installations and maintenance tasks.
  • Depth cleaning of artificial turf trays is done with the most advanced equipment in the market.

Maintenance of all types of artificial turf fields
We offers maintenance of all sizes of artificial turf, from small multibanes to 3rd generation artificial turf fields. We have the right equipment for it all. Systematic and correct maintenance ensures the artificial turf a long life, so it's good economy to sign up for a maintenance agreement.

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