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Panna Fields

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Unisport Scandinavia have great experience in establishing different fields on the outside playing ground. Panna fields, 2v2 pitches and ice hockey - shortly said; fields which can be used the year around. We ourselves produces the Panna field and that is excactly why, we can tailor make it for your needs having shape, band plates and other things in mind.

Unisport Scandinavia has extensive experience of producing and designing Panna fields and knows what considerations are required. A standard field consists of 6 pitches, 2 goal pitches and 8 supports with feet. The pitch height is 60 cm. The pitch can be supplied in parts or ready assembled by us. It is also possible to order a superstructure with net for the Panna field, such as in the shape of a hot-galvanized bar net.

For Moltrup Sports and Parish Association we have designed a special version of the Panna Field. The size of this field is nearly 10 x 16 meters, an important request from the Moltrup Sports and Parish Association, which consequently enjoyed enormous success in terms of getting new players for their children’s’ football team. The field size means that far more players can be active at one time, and the field is therefore used for part of the children’s training.

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