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Material and Expressions - outdoor climbing walls

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The design expression is determined either by the production method or materials you select for your wall/equipment. Read on to learn which design expression best matches your ideas and needs.

1. Triax
TriaX walls are the newest generation of climbing wall. The surface is designed on a 3D model, which is inspired by different types of cliff faces around the world. The surface is comprised mainly of triangles and rectangles which together form a unique and interesting climbing surface. Every wall is specially designed to meet specific customer needs and wishes. TriaX walls are made of plywood coated with friction surfacing or RFC (reinforced fibreglass composite) boards.

2. Modular
Modular is the classic method used to design and build climbing walls. The climbing surface is made up of modules of varying widths, heights and angles. The climbing surface is varied by fitting different units called "volumes". Modular makes it possible to create a large climbing surface which can meet many different climbing needs. Our Modular walls are made of plywood coated with friction surfacing or RFC (reinforced fibreglass composite) boards. We do our utmost to design climbing walls which blend in as well as possible with the surroundings.

3. Bolt on Holds
Bolt-on Holds are climbing walls, where climbing holds are fitted directly into concrete or brick walls. We often recommend this type when we create climbing walls on existing constructions, e.g. on old silos or in a child's bedroom. This type is ideal for use in facilities where there is no need subsequently to move the climbing holds.

4. Rock Attraction
Our Rock Attraction product is a specially designed concrete wall that is moulded by hand. It is painstaking work but it produces amazing results. We can recreate limestone, granite, sandstone – even the effect of a rotten tree stump. As our customer, it's entirely up to you to choose! We can make high walls and boulder walls in Rock Attraction. We can also build Rock Attraction with an option to fit climbing holds. If required, we can make cracks to allow climbers to practise trad climbing techniques, using passive and active protection.

We produces climbing walls primarily using four specific materials. If you have a specific material in mind, we are on hand to help and advise you. Learn more about the materials we use and the reasons why you should choose them.

1. Climbing boards
The surface of many of our climbing walls and installations is produced in climbing boards. Climbing boards are resilient to adverse weather conditions and offer a friction surface which means that the holds do not rotate and climbing shoes grip easily. Our climbing boards are tested in accordance with EU Norm 12572, including physical testing of tensile strength and tapped holes.

2. Fibreglass
We use two forms of fibreglass. Free Form is our malleable solution, which is suitable for use in small custom-designed climbing installations (dimensions and/or surface design). As an alternative fibreglass solution, we use Form panels, which are less flexible in terms of design but equally strong. Our fibreglass solutions are designed to meet EU Norm 12572.

3. Polycarbonate
Polycarbonate is an almost completely transparent material, which is extremely strong. The material can be used as an alternative to climbing boards and is available in clear and matt colours. The surface is smooth and provides less friction than other materials. We use polycarbonate to create apertures, transparent walls and water-resistant walls. Installations made in polycarbonate meet EU Norm 12572.

4. Concrete
Our Rock Attraction climbing walls and installations are made in concrete. Concrete is sprayed onto an iron skeleton. there is a load-bearing and a moulding layer. The concrete walls have a unique surface, which closely resembles a natural cliff face. Once the holds are moulded into the wall, the users experience more or less how it feels to climb on a real cliff face. We can make cracks in the walls, which are reinforced and can be used to practise trad climbing techniques including wedging. Concrete walls can withstand adverse weather conditions and last for years.

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