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Paddle is spreading quickly to Scandinavia, where there is over 100 courts established already. There is also paddle courts in Denmark, which you can rent for a hourly fee. Because of this, the sports halls get a new source of income. The sport is easy to learn, because it's not as technical as tennis, which is one of the reasons for it's popularity. Many players find paddle more fun than tennis, because it's a very action filled game. The court is similar to a tennis court - just smaller. The court is closed with glass walls, so you can hit the side or the back wall (as long as the ball doesn't hit the ground). You play with a bat, that is similar to a table tennis bat, just thicker and bigger with small holes in it. The ball is the same size as a tennis ball, but has a lower air pressure, that makes the pace of the game slower. Paddle is always played as a double and the point system is the same as in tennis.


What are the benefits of our paddle courts?

  • All of our courts are available in an indoor and outdoor model.
  • The courts are development with consideration of the Nordic climate.
  • The courts are constructed by warm galvanized steel, that are processed in zinc before the polishing.  
  • The courts are section build, which increases the strength and stability of the courts.
  • Forceful steel profile 100×50 mm and 12 mm unbreakable glass.
  • Paddle courts are delivered with artificial grass including stringing and sand.
  • The court includes 4 light poles with 2 halogen fixture (400 watt a piece).
  • We also offer establishing of curbs to finish around the paddle tennis court.
  • Paddle courts can be rented out to a hourly fee, and in this way create a new revenue stream.
  • Paddle can be played by everybody, and it's doesn't demand physical strength and a lot of technique to keep the ball going. 

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