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Virklund Sport can create individual solutions, and we have many years of experience as a turnkey supplier for sports and gymnastics halls. We are able to supply everything that belongs to indoor and outdoor sport areas. In sports and gymnastics halls, bars, beams, movable walls, scoring equipment and other facilities need to be adapted and designed.

Sports equipment which should be installed in a sports hall need to be fitted, so that the hall/gymnastics hall can be used for more than just ball games. Often halls and gymnastics halls have radiators, balconies, steel constructions, concrete supports or similar, which the equipment needs to be adjusted to. Virklund Sport is able to manufacture individual solutions for any job.

We can supply optimal sports areas for schools and institutions, from advice on design to sports floors and sports equipment. Creating innovative sports facilities in schools and sports halls, Virklund Sport A/S provides optimal and highly professional solutions based on our vast knowledge and 60 years of experience.

See examples of our many project solutions and be inspired to design your own sports/gymnastics hall.

Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone tel. +45 7020 0455 if you have any questions. 

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Motor function installation, Frederiksbjerg school

Physical activity increases learning - because of this the Danish school reform includes that all student must be active 45 minutes a day. The emphasis on physical activity during the school day, shall improve the students ability to learn and their well-being. Frederiksbjerg school in Aarhus is the school of the future, and accommodate 920 students.

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