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Create an Inspiration catalog

Here you can create your own inspiration catalog. You just have to select the sports facilities you are interested in, as well as the cases that belong to them and press the "Generate and send Catalog" button.

1. First select which products you are interested in by clicking in the box below them.
2. Then select the cases that appears below the Indoor and Outdoor Sports Areas and click on the references you want.

Please note that the cases are displayed at the bottom of the page under the Indoor and Outdoor Sports Areas, when you select the products.

Indoor sports areas

Climbing Wall

Sports courts

Sports equipment

Multifunctional sports areas

Moveable folding walls and net

Changing rooms

Storage of sports equipment

Sports floor

Gymnastic center

Grandstand seating

Outdoor sports areas

Climbing walls

Sports pitches

Sports equipment

Multi-purpose pitches

Synthetic surfaces

Artificial grass

Grandstand seating


You have now selected one or more products & cases. Once you have entered your information and pressed "send PDF" you will receive a file with your selected products and cases.