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Vigerslev Allé school

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The two advisory engineer companies, Sloth Møller & Esben have in corporation with Nøhr and Sigsgaard architect company and Virklund Sport, and in consultation with Copenhagen municipality and Vigerslev Allé school, projected and constructed an exciting project which is beneficial for all pupils at Vigerslev Allé school. 

The brand new and fully equipped gym is build in continuation to the existing theater, which resulted in a large multi functional room. The multi functionality is made possible by 3 small movable folding wall, which are specially made to the terms that the school had. Vigerslev Allé wished to keep the original room construction, which necessitate a special solution in the design of the movable folding wall. The movable folding wall makes it possible to utilize the rooms for more than just one sport at a time, and furthermore it opens up for more creative use of the space.  


Creative twist on a classic floor
Both the gym, the theater, the old tumble area, the hall and the common area have got a new Pulastic floor with activity circles i different colors. The Pulastic floor is especially suited to schools and institutions with children who uses it a lot. The floor has a long lifetime around 20 years, and with the low maintenance and cleaning cost, it is a very economical choice. It is a safe and environmentally friendly choice, because it doesn't contain PVC, solvent or phthalates. The design of the Pulastic floor makes it easy to incorporate creative elements to the floor, as activity circles in colors and footprints and. This opens up for many new and creative opportunities to use the floor.  

Creative exploitation of sport equipment

Finally Vigerslev Allé school have been provided with a large variation of sport equipment. With bars, Basketball solutions, beams and mirrorwalls, the school is finally able to offer the pupils variations, challenging and creative opportunities to be physical activity. In coherence to the school reform, it is important for the school to use all type of spaces to activate the children. Exactly the creative use of beams as a division between the gym and the hall, makes it possible for Vigerslev Allé school to use every bit of the area to physical activity and play.

The following sports facilities were delivered to the Vigerslev Allé school

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