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The old school construction in Frederikssund was founded in 1903, and in the period from 2010-14 it was greatly renovated. Virklund sport has in this connection, created an optimal gym at Falkenborg school, with Pulastic sports floor, swiveling bars, beams, barrier nets, mirror walls, basketball hoops and outdoor artificial coatings on roofs.  

A specialized solution makes it possible to change from a wall of bars to a wall of mirrors - quickly. A solution that lives up to the needs of a multi functional gym to dance, theater and other cultural events. If you only want one wall of mirror combined with bars, this is possible by integrating the swiveling bars with mirrors the backside and of the wall behind the bars. 

Beams from Virklund Sport is produced in the best quality. The beams can be delivered with an extra beam pole, which broadens the possibilities. We will gladly compose a proposition to a complete set of beams with attachments. The swiveling bars from Virklund Sport can creative innovative equipment in the room, with possibilities to even further opportunities. The swiveling bars provides an extra dimension to gym classes and the combinations opportunities are endless.

Pulastic is a multi functional incrustation which is utilized, where there is high demands to sport functional quality, high strength and low costs. Because of the strong joint less surface Pulastic can, without use of ground protection mats, be combined with telescopic seating. The incrustation is environmentally friendly because it doesn't contain PVC or phtalater.

In collaboration with creative and visionary developers, we have over the last year constructed multiple sport and hang-out areas on school and gym rooftops. We will be happy to advise throughout the process - from idea to the end result, to secure an optimal solution in extension to maintenance and use of artificial coating. 

The following sports facilities were delivered to the Falkenborg School

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