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One of the most important topics when it comes to the new school reform is the demand of a varied school day, where physical education and movement is being integrated in the students everyday life. It requires a new approach as to how the school is being designed - often based on the already existing facilities; like at Engstrand school. At Engstrand school, there has been created a multi-area where a climbing wall with transparent plates, roman rings and seats with windows view is turning a long and boring hallway into an exciting sportsroom. A small solution, which gives utmost utilization.

What kind of solution can we offer you?

  • Brachiate rings mounted in the ceiling.
  • Climbing wall with Polycarbonate climbing panels.


What are the benefits of our solution?

  • Easy solution that does not take up much space in existing hallways
  • Invites children and young people to do sports without adult participation
  • Allows you to get activated during school breaks if the solution is placed close to the classrooms
  • Does not require a large financial investment and does not require rebuilding of the hallways
  • Durable and strong solution
  • Brachiate rings strengthen the entire body - for both children and adults.

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